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Livin’ n Lucy was started to share our adventure in tiny home living and travel in a 1976 Airstram Argosy  We realized, there are a lot of people who are interested, inspired to renovate vintage Airstream and live in them, or have a deep desire to live a similar lifestyle.

So, we’ve  shared a little of everything about this crazy Airstream adventure over the months, including how we make money and travel and how others make it work too. As everything has grown and progressed…so has the time, effort and expenses to keep it all going.

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Maintaining this website can sometimes be a beast! It’s become a full time job and one that we love. It takes a lot of time to research, write, edit video, respond to questions and keep the emails flowing.  We feel (and we hope you do too!) our website is providing a value, whether that’s the entertainment or the information.  Our website is free for all to access and will remain that way. Our operating costs however are not free and we are incredibly grateful for the support in whatever from it may come.

Without the ongoing support of each and every one of you: the dreamers, the planners and the fellow travelers (even the vicarious ones), none of this would be possible. We wouldn’t have made it this far without all of you and certainly can’t move forward without you either.

Thanks to everyone for reading, watching, sharing and being a part of the journey!

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Ariane and Scott have hiked and backpacked all over the country. But we are on a mission to live and travel in our Lucy and visit all 58 of our National Parks. Using off the grid methods we will boondock in some of the most remote sections of our amazing wilderness.

Milton, GA

e-mail: livinginlucy@gmail.com