For two people that are fueled by immersing themselves in the outdoors, it was a fitting match having met each other just two short years ago. We are Scott and Ariane, nomadic in our nature. Followed directly on our heals by two pups Dino and Caldonia. Over the last year, we have creatively pushed the limitations of working the nine to five work grind while prioritizing what has been most important to us. A life outdoors, minimal and simplistic. We embrace the small moments and relish in the awesomeness of mother nature.Always Living Tiny

The ideals for what we wanted in our lives synced perfectly from the beginning. We wanted to travel and do so continuously, remotely being preferred. We both dreamt big, both tested our physical limitations and equally welcome the unknown. We have a tendency to steer head on into challenges, particularly those we have no clue about. Thus, leading us to purchasing our 1976 Airstream Argosy – Lucille.

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With that brings a new way of life in which we are exciting exploring. Tiny home living – all 200sq ft of it! In wanting a way to live more connected to nature, travel the United States with slightly more than just a backpack strapped to our back, we choose to embark into a new mobile way of life.

As part time outdoor guides in the beginnings of a startup outdoor business, Full Moon Adventures, we have a passion for teaching and bringing others together allowing people to experience the adventure of the outdoors.

Though before we can set our course for a destination unknown, we have to rehab and recreate our new home. We hope that you enjoy watching our journey unfold with us. Stayed tuned as the both of us, as newbies to rehabbing a tiny home, figure it all out. Let the hi jinx begin.

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See you on the trail!