If you were lucky enough to buy a Argosy that has NOT been painted, then stripping the paint off shouldn’t be that hard. Our Argosy had the original paint on her. In fact, the top of our Argosy was so worn, the paint had pretty much already been removed. Be patient, because this step of your Argosy rehab will be a long one. It will be a long weekend process and a lot of hard work will be involved.

The first step was to decided on exactly what kind of paint removal we would use. The other step was to decide what kind of Adhesive removal we would use. Our Argosy had a bunch of old stickers placed in all around her, to remove the paint, we first had to remove all the old stickers.

Airstream Argosy Pain Removal

Stripping the paint of an Airstream Argosy

We used. Citristrip® Adhesive Remover. It removed the sticker residue in seconds, not minutes. In total we had 12 different stickers, and sticker residue that were completely removed in about 30 minutes. This included our ARGOSY 28 sticker. (which was sad to say goodbye to). This sticker was the hardest of them all to remove.

To remove the original paint, we used Citristrip® Gel. It works amazing when applied correctly. DO NOT use a brush. We did, and it took a lot longer to strip the paint. The brush thins out out Gel.  Use a sponge and apply in thick coats. The directions will say use a Brush. But this is assuming you are using it for wood. The paint on Tin will be more of a challenge, so use a sponge and really gook it on there. If you think you are using way to much, you’re not. Within 30-40 minutes you can start scraping it off with a Plastic Scraper.

Citristrip on an Argosy

We liked the way Citristrip worked. It worked fast once we figured out how thick you have to apply it.

TIP: DO NOT use this product when temps exceed 85 degrees and you are in direct sunlight. The product works best after 30 minutes and is still wet. If it dries because of direct sun and heat, the product will NOT be effective for 100% paint removal.

Once 95% of the paint has been removed there will be a residue of paint on the exposed tin of your Argosy. Use Mineral Spirits to remove the residue. We used a course sponge to remove the residue and the rest of the paint in spots. As you wipe on the Mineral Spirits, (before it dries) wipe off with a cloth. (any cloth will do).

This process in ONLY for the body and NOT the End Caps of your Argosy which are made of Steel, NOT tin. The citristrip will NOT work on the steel end caps. You will need a different removal process.

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