It became very clear to us this week that going “tiny home” isn’t just a buzz word. Oh yea, we’ve watched “Tiny House
Nation” and have made our sarcastic quirps about the look of reality in those who actually try to live in 300 square feet
of living space. Of course WE knew how to downsize. We won’t have “that” look. However, our versions of downsizing up to this point was just about equivalent to not having gotten rid of anything at all! What a wake up call the other day was
when we took one of our “must go with us” stools in a 190 sq feet Airstream to see how it would fit. It looked GIGANTIC,
HUGE, MONSTROUS, ENORMOUS. What had we missed? Had we not purged all the big stuff?

We have spent an entire Georgia summer sweltering inside the empty shell of our Lucille. Working solely on measurements, taping off, rethinking logistics – our goal was to finalize our interior layout. Airstream LivingTo our surprise we are now at that stage where we need to settle on the where the main components will land. The batteries, composting toilet, fridge, wood burning stove, sink etc. Vents, wires and encasings. Where will one wall begin and end, what are our measurement restraints with the products we’ve committed to purchase. How do we achieve the merging of necessities and still balance the aesthetics we want. With a completely gutted interior, it’s pretty much an spacial version of the game How to Rob Peter to Pay Paul.

We questioned where our priorities will win and our where compromises begin. So far we’ve had a similar vision for what we both want so the compromise between the two of us had been minimal. Its Lucy however that’s being so difficult! hardheaded! We have had to continuously remind ourselves that we will be paired down to the basics in regards to our belongings. Ultimately we imagine far less than 5% of our original belongings will make the actual cut inside. Space is relative now. And VERY challenging to imagine, considering we’ve never lived in such small quarters before. We are not yet living near our rehab space which has made it easy for our perspective on the spacing to be easily fooled. It’s laughable really, our overall lack of genuine awareness in the reality about pairing down to living tiny. I say that very humbly because I’ve had so many “what the @*&%!! was I thinking” moments! I know despite all we’ve already learned even now, those realities aren’t over with either! Many more realizations to fondly laugh about before its all said and done.

So it all came down to that damn stool both of us so determined to come with us. We are so accustom to think of things in a certain uniform box, per say. Our square footage may alter let’s say from a large home down to a studio apartment, so we may purge or minimize the sizing of our belongings accordingly. But up until yesterday we didn’t truly recognized just how overwhelmingly over-sized our current belongings might feel in such a small space. A curved space at that, a space so snug in comparison you can be standing in three different ‘rooms’ all at once. The conversion of inches and diameter is relative, and that alters everything spatially. Having placed the stool inside, we stood there jaws dropped – that damn
stool towered over the windows panes more like the trees you’d find in the Redwoods!

In the end it’ll likely be close to us having to purge over 90% of our original belongings. Definitely an eye opening and
slightly somewhat daunting realization, yet equally just as exciting. This will be likely the most freeing adventure yet.
Very exciting – tiny home living to the core. AND yes, we are going to find that stool a new home.

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