Lucy hits the road in....








New Subfloor

It’s been awhile since we have posted on our blog, But we have big news! Our new subfloor went in this weekend and it’s pretty damn exciting. It wasn’t as hard as we expected, but it was still kind of hard. If that makes any sense. We started the... read more

Argosy Center Bath Advantages

When we purchased Lucille from Morehead, KY we were very confident that our 1976 28 foot Center Bath Airstream Argosy was the way we wanted to go. We had always liked the “center bath” design since our Argosy came with front and back panoramic windows. We... read more

She’s an Amazing Stripper

I must admit, never did I think the words; “she’s an amazing stripper” would ever utter out of my mouth when describing my significant other. Yet that is simply the truth! Oh sure, I can strip with the best of them. But let’s face it: I rush... read more